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There IS Perpetual Motion

Viewing Hint: The string is straight!

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Building a New First Story

Usually you don’t raise a house for this procedure,
but under these particular circumstances it was necessary

gor006 gor007 gor008
gor009 gor010 gor017

The Gorilla Really Can Lift A House

This is the same process as above… only bigger!

gor077 gor078 gor079
gor132 gor133 gor110

Retaining Walls

Posts go down 14 feet

gor101 gor100 gor098
gor024 gor023 gor136
gor096 gor097

Starts Out Lookin’ Bad…. But Gets A Lot Better

Building a new foundation, cripple wall, pony wall,and then ready to pour

gor129 gor130 gor134 gor120

Building the Foundation for an Addition

gor043 gor041 gor042 gor044

Creating a Wheelchair Ramp at Lowell High School

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20150318_131302 20150318_131254 20150318_131311 20150318_131318