Vents & Jacks

Foundation Vents


This was caused by the lack of foundation vents

The above picture was taken of a mud sill and cripple wall that have deteriorated from dry rot due to the fact that no vents were installed in the foundation. Gorilla Construction offers a free inspection service for signs of rot and we can both repair the problem and install proper venting.

Give us a call to schedule a free inspection right away.

Expansive Soil & Adjustable Jacks

Because many home sites in California have softer, and shifting soils, many people have installed foundation jacks that can be adjusted from time to time.

Unfortunately, these jacks are often installed improperly, and are regularly rusted and damaged. Gorilla Construction can inspect, repair, and replace your old Foundation Jacks to make your foundation more solid and your home more safe.

Deteriorating Adjustable Jacks

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Examples of Gorilla’s System for Repair and Replacement

Jack Jan 09 011 Jack Jan 09 007 Jack Jan 09 010 Jack Jan 09 009